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Women's Group Coaching

We offer group coaching for women in different stages of their life that can be facing challenges such as divorce, being a single mom, or losing a spouse.


Our group coaching is financially based to help at the root of many mental, physical and emotional issues. However, we build in other aspects to our group coaching to give all around wellness including physical, mental, spiritual and learning how to love yourself!

As someone who has been divorced and a single mom, I know the struggles that many women face, and I have devoted my life to helping you discover the person God has called you to be, grow your confidence, help you love you for you and be financially independent! Learn more about me HERE.


Divorced or Widowed Women's Empowerment Group

Three generations of women

This group is for women who are divorced, going through a divorce, or have been widowed and want to find themselves again. With the help of this supportive community, you can finally put yourself first and explore your true potential as an individual woman. If you're looking for new friends, then come on in!


This support group offers all kinds of resources that will allow members to rebuild their confidence by discovering what they've lost over time due to stress from various life events. Join a strong community of women to support and encourage you in the pursuit of an overall fresh start. The group includes financial wellness, physical wellness, mental/emotional & spiritual wellbeing all under one roof!


Do you want to be on the road towards a life with more fulfillment and happiness? Then join this supportive group of women who are just like you!

Structure of group coaching:

  • 6 months (starts January & July)

  • Two 60-minute group sessions per month

  • Weekly or bi-weekly wellness supplemental calls

  • All sessions are recorded in case you have to miss

  • Groups max out at 10 ladies each

Financial Topics:

  • Budgeting & Rebuilding Credit

  • Debt & Expense Management

  • Emergency Savings & Planning for Large Expenses and Holidays

  • Retirement & College Planning

  • Insurance: Dues & Don'ts

  • Estate Planning

Wellness Topics:

  • Taking care of your physical health as a female

  • How to effectively manage stress

  • Meditation for a healthy mind and soul

  • Power of mindset

  • Identifying & silencing our inner critic

  • Becoming the women God called you to be


  • Membership area for continued support, resources, & education

  • Access to self-paced courses

  • Connections to industry experts

  • Access to a private community group to share support, encouragement, resources & more

  • "Living True: 40 Days to Get Back to You" devotional

  • Session recordings, handouts, & resources


Benefits of This Program:

  • A safe space for divorced or widowed women

  • Create and connect with a community of support so you don't feel alone

  • Advice on financial planning, physical wellbeing, mental health, and spiritual health. 

  • Increase self-worth and restore confidence in yourself

  • Find your peace and strength in a supportive environment

  • Release feelings of shame or guilt 

  • Improve your mental and emotional well-being 

  • Learn life skills, create a plan for the future, and make new friends

*Pricing: $129/month or bring a friend to join and you both get it for $99/month!

Single Moms Group (Coming Soon!)

Moms and Babies

This group is for women who are single moms to children under the age of 17 and are tired of struggling financially and living paycheck to paycheck or drowning in debt. This is going to be more than financial coaching. This group is going to be the support and encouragement that you need to change your financial legacy for both you and your children!

Structure of group coaching:

  • 6 months (starts January & July)

  • Meet twice a month for an hour each

  • Groups max out at 10 mommas

  • Membership area for online content & resources (coming soon!)

  • Connections to industry specialists

  • Access to private community group to share support, encouragement, resources & more


  • Budgeting & Rebuilding Credit

  • Debt & Expense Management

  • Emergency Savings & Planning for Large Expenses

  • Retirement & College Planning

  • Insurance & Being Properly Covered

  • Estate Planning

Benefits of group coaching:

  • Increase success rate

  • Create a tight-knit community of those in similar situations or backgrounds

  • Provides accountability and support

  • Work through situations together as a team

  • Cost effective

  • Conducive learning environment to increase motivation

  • Improve interpersonal support skills: listening, coaching, questioning, and feedback

  • Develop emotional Intelligence

  • Less pressure than one-on-one can be

  • Inspire creative thinking

*Scholarships May Be Available

*For group coaching to work, we max groups out at 10 women.