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How I Discovered My Passion—Helping You!

Before starting my business, I held multiple jobs. I worked for a Chamber of Commerce which probably helped me as a small business owner. It was a cool job where I got a lot of experience. From there, I started working at a college while I was pursuing my Master’s degree. At the college, I did it all. I worked with recruitment and advising, event planning and I was a project manager. This job was great for me because I was working with students to help them find the best path for them. I helped them figure out their future and I helped them prepare for it. My plan was to make my career there, at the college, and move through the ranks to eventually become Dean or something similar.

Coaching was something I explored while I was working on my Master’s but I was happy with my job at the college and I had a plan to move up. However, once my leadership changed, so did the fallout. Our new leader was great at tasks and processes but wasn’t a people person and wasn’t exactly a great leader. Nobody who had worked under her in the past had good things to say about her leadership. She was a micromanager and didn’t care about the team’s overall success, nor did she try to help the team succeed.

Up until this point, I was waiting for a leadership position to open up and when one finally did, I was overlooked. I was starting to rethink my career choices when the final straw broke. I was trying to implement a new program to help students, which wasn’t new. I had already done this and the programs were successful. I was shot down and treated like someone who was working their first job as if I wasn’t in the Master’s program and someone who had been apart of the team for a while. I was treated as if I hadn’t already done this. That was the moment I had enough, I decided that I was going to forge my own path and help people in the best way I knew how without the micromanaging leadership that kept halting me.

I knew that I could make an impact in other’s lives because I have walked this path already. I’ve done the career changes. I’ve done the financial holes that I’ve had to dig out of. My heart is in making a difference because I’ve seen what a difference this has made in my own life. I want to make a difference in your life. I want to change the world and that starts with helping people change their lives. It’s a chain reaction. I want to give hope to those who have lost it. There’s hope in the fact that our situations change and things are temporary and I want to help people see that while making a plan to get out. Things don’t have to be this way. I have been blessed with empathy and understanding for those in difficult places. I’ve been there and I know what it is like, from personal experience, not from an understanding of me imagining what it would be like. I’ve walked these steps already. I can meet you where you are.

How do I know that I’m doing exactly what I’m called to do? I started Design & Renew but had plans to really build up the business over time. I got Design & Renew started officially and legally but I had also started a full-time job. Right before COVID hit, I lost the job. It was the first time I had ever lost a job in my life. It was also completely out of my control and something I couldn’t have stopped. I lost that job because of things completely out of my control. At that moment, I knew God was pushing me to dive into my business at full force. My plans were for later in 2020 but God’s plans were for something else entirely. Since then, I keep getting little nuggets of confirmation that I was on the right path. I was nominated for an award for women in the community who were making a difference. Then, I won that award. I had only four to five months in business at that point and yet, I still won an award. It was humbling but also empowering because whatever doubts I had were gone. I was making a difference.

Now, every day I get to wake up and work with clients who are looking for a change. I get to watch real-life change, in real-time, when a client makes a huge change in their life for the better. I get to watch people pay off thousands of dollars in debt, which they never thought they would be able to do. Watching people accomplish the very thing they thought they could never do, is what gets me excited. I love seeing the hope in my client’s eyes when I tell them they could be out of debt in half the time they thought it would take them. I love when the realization of a client’s strengths comes, and they realize their passion and the career path becomes clear.

I was created to help people and working in the space of finances and careers, you find a lot of hopelessness and frustration. You find defeated people. My favorite thing is watching that change. You’re not defeated. There is hope.

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