Hello! I’m Traci Bakenhaster. I am a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, life coach and career coach with a strong faith and passion for helping others succeed. Believe it or not, I understand what you may be going through. You’re at a loss, your finances are a mess and you feel like you’re drowning. Life has been turned upside down for you, you are stuck in a dead-end job, or one you just are miserable at. Or maybe you just don’t know what career to even choose, you are stuck in this whirlwind of picking the right career after school, should you go to college or not? So, why do I know what this is like? Because I have been there.

I went to a small-town school out in the country with parents who never went to college. I had so many likes and interests that I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do. After graduation I didn’t go to college right away, I took a few years off and eventually decided to pursue a degree at the local community college. Still not knowing what to do I changed my major several times, and finally I met with a career counselor who provided me with a career assessment and a plan. I finished my associate’s and transferred to The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business where I completed my bachelor’s in Business Administration. I then pursued a master’s degree in Business Psychology from Franklin University. However, during my time in school, I was in a job I hated, and my life and finances were a mess. I didn’t know how to manage my money and swiped plastic cards for anything and everything. I was a single mom working three jobs to make ends meet while also in school full-time, had no direction but forward, and clung to my faith with everything I had. Then I met my husband, things started to get better, although finances were still on the rocks. But then I discovered Dave Ramsey, it was a game changer for my husband and I’s finances. I tell you all this because I want you to know, I get it. I know life can be tough, money is hard, and most of the country doesn’t wake up every day excited to go to their job. But I want to change that.​

I founded Design & Renew to positively change your future. To help you achieve your goals, to help you get out of debt and take control of your money, and for you to realize your potential, in life and career. I want you to wake up each day loving life and loving what you do. Through my extensive background in career development, education, finance management and a diverse industry of business, manufacturing, healthcare and more, I am on a mission to utilize my skills and experience to help you reach the goal you never thought possible.


So, why Design & Renew? Because if you are just starting out in life, you are in high school, or just graduating college we are going to design you a future of success, financial freedom and happiness. If you are a little further in life, perhaps in a financial or career rut, we are going to renew your future through a renewing of your finances, career or maybe even just life itself. We are here for you and would love the opportunity to partner with you in designing or renewing your present and future.

My Story

My Mission

Here at Design & Renew Career and Life Coaching, we are different. We have been in your shoes and can relate to the real struggles you are dealing with. We have a calling and strong passion for changing people’s lives. We are more than just a coach, we partner with you, we meet you where you are, we go through life with you, no matter how tough, and we will cheer you on all the way through.​

Our mission is to change this world, to increase career success, reduce the amount of student debt and the amount of people living paycheck to paycheck, increase graduation rates both college and high school, change the skills gap that exists in current and upcoming generations, and to increase value in one’s life, and to do this one person at a time.

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