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Military, Veterans & Family

The current unemployment rate of the veteran population is 12%, and 25% for military spouses. And our military families are experiencing challenges to make ends meet at twice the rate of civilian families. Through coaching we change that. By creating a customized plan, we provide peace and happiness for our service members and their families.

This may sound familiar, an 18-year-old graduates high school and goes into the military with no knowledge or experience in managing the money they are about to receive. They then spend the next several years being formed into a person that the military wants them to be. They think, eat and breath the culture, the mindset, the image and persona they are told to be. They have a clear path in their military career, they can clearly see the promotion levels and the potential they have. Then they are discharged. They then go through transition where it is information by firehose, and then they're sent into the civilian world.


Now those who have sacrificed and given so much to their country are left with no identity and no longer know who they are without the military. Their structure is gone, and they are left lost, frustrated and confused. This then leads to increase in divorce, the severe veteran homeless percentage, underemployment, mental illness and more.

This is unacceptable, which is why I've made it my mission to use what I learned as a former military wife, and combine it with my professional experience, and the experience I gained by working with veterans throughout my career to bring purpose, self-awareness, peace, and freedom to those who keep us free. As part of our support for this community we offer a 15% discount on our one-on-one coaching services and packages. And special pricing for our military group coaching programs.




Looking to get support, connection and accountability? Then this is the perfect fit! And we have a group just for service members!


Break out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle! Learn how to repair your relationship with money to get out of debt, repair your credit score, or just plan for the future!


Find your purpose through self-discovery, personal and professional development. Then find what career serves you so that you can have peace and happiness in your work life!

Financial Coaching


Over 75% of military families are experiencing stress, fear, and frustration due to their current financial situation. This can cause stress, frustrations, relationship issues and so much more. But we're here to help. Our services are completely customized to military members and their family. 

What You will learn:

  • Improved financial habits and money mindset

  • Learn how to budget effectively and stay on budget

  • Control over their finances instead of finances controlling them


What is the outcome:

  • Creation of a better financial future and legacy for their family

  • Healthier relationships with money, family, friends and colleagues

  • Elimination of debt (average of $10,000 in 6 months)


What are the benefits:

  • Peace of mind

  • Increase in happiness

  • Better sleep

  • Decrease in financial stress


Support Group Meeting

Group coaching is a great way to get the support you need while in a trusted community of other military members and their families. This can be great to provide support, encouragement and accountability. In fact, according to statistics, having someone or a group to be accountable to increases your success by 95%! Group coaching could be a great fit for you and your budget.

Structure of group coaching:

  • Typically 3 months, 6 months, or on-going

  • Meet twice a month for an hour each

  • Groups max out at 10 individuals or couples

  • Access to membership area for online community, courses, & resources

  • Connections to industry experts

  • Access to private community just for your group to share support, encouragement, resources & more

Other types of groups:

Benefits of group coaching:

  • Increase success rate

  • Create a tight-knit community of those in similar situations or backgrounds

  • Provides accountability and support

  • Work through situations together as a team

  • Cost effective

  • Conducive learning environment to increase motivation

  • Improve interpersonal support skills: listening, coaching, questioning, and feedback

  • Develop emotional Intelligence

  • Less pressure than one-on-one can be

  • Inspire creative thinking

*For group coaching to work, we max groups out at 10 people or couples.

One-on-One Coaching

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One-on-one coaching is a great option if you want or need customized, hands-on time with a coach to talk through your specific financial situation. In this format we meet with you, or you and your spouse if married, for one hour a month. In these sessions we dive deeper into what is keeping you up at night and create a custom plan that meets you right where you are to help you achieve your financial goals. We typically start a one-on-one coaching relationship out by getting to know more about your situation, your financial goals and your stressors. We then dive into what is currently holding you back and how to overcome that struggle. In this format everything is customized and flexible!

Structure of one-on-one coaching:

  • 3 or 6-months long

  • Just yourself and our coach in meetings

  • Complete client privacy

  • Meet two hours the first month, then once a month for an hour the last five months

  • Connections to industry specialists & our professional network to aid in finance management

Our one-on-one clients have:

  • Paid off an average of $15,000+ of debt in six months

  • Created their first budget and found their why to stick to it

  • Gave themselves a raise of at least $200 a month

  • Been able to be at peace with their finances

  • Changed their family tree

  • And much more!

Included in one-on-one coaching:

  • Every Dollar budgeting tool (paid version)

  • Membership area for all educational support videos and resources

  • Access to coach throughout the month for questions, or as needs arise


Benefits of one-on-one coaching:

  • Completely customized to individual's needs

  • Establish and act toward achieving goals

  • Increased level of engagement

  • Safe Place to gain perspective

  • Deeper level of learning

  • Build personal awareness

  • Master your money mindset

  • Increase success rate

  • Provides accountability and support

  • Work through situations together with coach

*Limited spots available for one-on-one coaching. 15% discount for 1:1 coaching packages.

Career Coaching


We know the transition back to civilian life can be very challenging. Often times our service members no longer know who they are without the military. They're unaware of their passions and strengths. This leads to being underemployed and unhappy in careers that aren't satisfying.


This career stress can take its toll on both your relationships and your health. With over 12% of veterans and 25% of military spouses being unemployed, not to mention that veterans are over 37% more likely to be underemployed compared to the general population. And over 55% of vets who transition want to do something completely different, but don't have a clear path of what that is.


In order to change these statistics we need to start with truly knowing who you are and what you bring to the table without knowing what fulfills you, or what you are passionate about or enjoy, how will you know what the best career field is? Because of that, our career coaching packages are completely customized to you and your needs and can include coaching in the following areas:


  • Career exploration to help you find a career you love and have a passion for

  • Career mapping/planning to get you to the career of your dreams

  • Finding your strengths and how to best utilize them in the workplace and in life

  • Overcoming weaknesses and increasing self-awareness

  • Working with colleagues, supervisors and customers/clients who are different than you

  • Interviewing effectively in a new career

  • How to utilize your natural talents and abilities in work and in life

15% off all packages

Your Outcome:

After working with us, our clients walk away with:

  • An increase of self-awareness

  • A solid understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and how to maximize yourself in the civilian job market

  • Use of their natural talents and abilities in a professional and personal environment

  • Confidence in their post military career path choice 

  • A clear plan to get to their dream career so they have a direction and purpose

  • An increase in confidence in multiple facets of their life

  • Healthier relationships with their peers, colleagues and family

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Ryan S.

United States Navy

Over the past 6 months, I completed some extraordinary goals and I owe it all to the person I chose as my backbone, Traci. She established my budget, kept me inline, and reminded me of my victories along the way. Due to an unfortunate divorce last year, I decided it was time I changed my family tree. As a newly minted single parent, I had my work cut out for me. I knew I couldn’t do it alone or I would have already done it. Since working with her, I cut back on my expenses by 4500 dollars/month, gained financial peace, and found a career that fulfills me for who I am. No longer am I a slave to a job I hate or do I worry how I’m going to make ends meet.


I feel like I can finally breathe. There is no better feeling than true financial peace. Remember though, a financial coach can only guide you in the right direction. It’s on you to take the advice you’re given. I went from living on 6500/month to 2000. This included moving, selling my 50,000-dollar Jeep, and humbling myself enough to drive a thousand dollar civic. It wasn’t easy, but by the end of 2021, I WILL be debt free!! I would do it 100 more times. All things are possible if you stay dedicated to your goals and have the will-power to stick it out. Don’t be a slave to debtors.

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Nick M.

United States Marine

I was 5 years out of the Marines with some college under my belt and a job that allowed me to support and provide for my family. However, I was not satisfied. I had gotten to where I am at
with very little help and no plan in place coming out of the Marines. When I found Traci, I didn't
know where to begin, I knew that I needed a plan, a goal, a sense of direction for me and my


Traci has been tremendous. I felt that she could relate to me through her faith and her
experience with the military. With her guidance I now have real life goals that I am proactively
pursuing and a sense of direction in which to lead my family. My only regret is that I hadn't found
Traci Sooner!


About Our Coach

Traci is a Ramsey Solutions Preferred Master Coach through the Dave Ramsey Group. She brings over 10 years of experience in career exploration, career development, project management and hiring/training in industries like nonprofit, chamber of commerce, higher education, career tech and more. She has also held several positions on the Board of Directors for nonprofits such as Habitat for Humanity and Big Brothers Big Sisters, she is currently on the board for BuyVet a nonprofit that supports veteran owned businesses. She holds her master’s in business psychology, and her bachelor’s in business administration.


However, before all that she was a military spouse. She got married at 18 years old, right out of high school to her high school sweetheart who enlisted in the United States Army. She spent a year living just outside Ft. Drum in New York alone during her husband’s deployment. When he returned, he no longer wanted to be married so they separated and later divorced. Not long after the divorce she ended up getting pregnant and later having a little boy.


She then spent the next five years as a single mom where she ended up losing government benefits after buying her first home forcing her to pick up two more jobs outside of her existing part-time job, all while in school full-time. It was beyond a challenging time and she ended up doing all the things that you shouldn't do with your finances, maxing out credit cards, refinancing her car and eventually her home. She discovered Dave Ramsey and his program and was able to successfully implement

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in her life. She has since gotten re-married and spends her time empowering her clients to find their purpose and live in financial freedom!


Together with her diverse background, education, experience, and passion for the military community, Traci works with individuals to find themselves, be the best version of themselves, and to have a fulfilling life and career. She loves to work with her clients and is the recent recipient of the 2020 Emerging ATHENA Leadership Award from the Pickerington Area Chamber of Commerce for her work and passion for the community.