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I want to ask you a few questions.

  1. Are you concerned about your teen's future, wanting the very best for them and not having all of the answers?

  2. Are you confident that your son or daughter is in the best career path for them?

  3. Are you confident and comfortable with college and career planning for your teen?

  4. Is your son or daughter confused and overwhelmed by all of the career and college options that exist?

  5. Does the college process like applications, scholarships, financial aid create fear?

You may have been stressed or had anxiety even thinking about your response to these questions. Answering the question, "what am I going to do with the rest of my life after I graduate?" is one of the most frightening, exciting and overwhelming decisions of our lives. But we're here to help.


Through our group coaching, workshops, and one-on-one coaching we help your child find the best career path, create an action plan to get there, educate them on how to be successful adults when they graduate and so much more!

Our mission is to empower your son or daughter to find their purpose, and live in financial freedom. To change the social norm of having college debt, and hating your job. Let us help you and your child on this amazing and scary journey called life. 

School Supply

How Can I Serve You & Your Teen?


1. We can work together to explore, plan, and execute your career and/or college plan

​What does that mean? It means that we get together several times a month for 3 months to help you find the best career/college for you. Create a strategic plan to get there, without going into debt. And, make sure you are college & career ready with life long success. All before you graduate high school! Are you ready?

Pricing: $299/month

2. You can be part of a group of other teens and families to execute a career and/or college strategy in a day!

​Our small group programs target either college or career planning in just one day. That means you will get all of the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in just a day long workshop. We've converted our 3 month coaching package into an all day group workshop format. Are you ready?

Pricing: $499

3. Are you a DIYer? Know you can execute on your own, just need some guidance? 

That's perfect! We offer several courses to make sure you're successful in college and/or your career. Follow my step-by-step instruction that also includes downloads, templates and other success tools. Find the training that fits your teen by going here.​

Pricing: Starting at $27


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Grab our free guide of five ways you can get a college degree, debt-free! Where we give you some of our favorite tips to saving money on college.

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Do It Yourself Options

See our templates, courses, and resources so you can do college and career exploration in a DIY format! 

Do I Need a Financial Coach?

Financial coaches seem more like a luxury rather than a necessity. Considering that money and finances are a part of everyday life, managing finances is something that we should all know how to do, right? According to this study barely 70% of Americans have a budget. However, when directly asked “if everybody should budget,” only 19% said yes in 2018. It did raise to 25% in 2019, however, that’s a quarter of almost 70%, which means less than half the people on a budget don’t think everybody needs a budget.


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One-on-One Coaching

Our other option for high school students is our one-on-one customized coaching packages. This is great if you want private coaching with our high school coach for your teen. This is completely customized to the needs of your high school student and your budget. Everything from the topic to length of one-on-one coaching is completely customizable. Below are some topics that we can assist you and your teen with.


Possible coaching topics include:

  • Working with your student to find the best career path

  • Career planning for after high school

  • All things college including tours, research, applications, FAFSA, scholarships and more!

  • Career readiness such as writing your resume, interviews, internships and more!

  • Personal finance such as budgeting, getting a debt free degree, buying your first car or home and more

  • Academic planning in high school and college including involvement, college credit plus, targeted scheduling and more 

Your Coach & Workshop Leader

Traci received her Master of Science in Business Psychology through Franklin University, her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, and several Associate Degrees from Columbus State Community College.

She has over six years experience in higher education and Career Tech. A few of her roles were Academic Advisor, Career Development Specialist and Program Manager. In these roles she:

  • Advised students on courses to take including full academic planning for majors such as Business programs, Construction & Skilled Trades, Engineering, Transportation, IT, Art & Media Design, transfer programs and more

  • Worked with students and families with financial aid issues including filling out the FAFSA application as well as scholarship applications

  • Created career development workshops focused on resume writing, interviewing, professional communication and etiquette

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  • Presented to over 4,000 high school students in over 45 Central Ohio high schools about college admissions and career options

  • Provided career guidance to undecided students based on their interests and skills

  • Provided career exposure through industry speakers, presentations, field trips and more

  • Worked with guidance counselors to bring career exploration workshops and programs to middle and high school students

  • Provided hands-on learning experiences for students to try out a career

  • Created and managed multiple summer camps for middle and high school students to try out careers


Other roles she has held include Director of Marketing, Event Specialist and Hiring & Training Manager. Her diverse background in both education and industry, has allowed Traci to now bring these skills and knowledge to your child.


Traci has a strong passion for helping the upcoming generations leave a better legacy than her own Millennial generation. Traci knows first hand the weight of student debt, the struggles with finding the right career when you have many interests, but little exposure to what exists. She wants the next generation, your child's generation, her child's generation, to know what career path is best for them before leaving high school. To know how to get to that career with no debt. And how to manage their finances so they can enjoy life today, but also be prepared for the future to leave a strong legacy for their children.