Financial stress can take its toll on your pocketbook, your relationships and your health. With 78% of American's living paycheck to paycheck–combined with the amount of social, economic and global uncertainty we live with today–it's even more important to make sure your finances are in order. We offer three different options to help you implement better habits to create a better future for you and your family.

What You will learn:

  • Improved financial habits and money mindset

  • Learn how to budget effectively and stay on budget

  • Control over your finances instead of finances controlling you

What is the outcome:

  • Creation of a better financial future and legacy for your family

  • Healthier relationships with money, family, friends and colleagues

  • Elimination of debt 

What are the benefits:

  • Peace of mind

  • Increase in happiness

  • Better sleep

  • Decrease in financial stress

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How I Can Serve You?


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1. We can work together to help you find yourself, your purpose and your career

​What does that mean? It means that we get together several times a month for 3 months to dive deeper into self-discovery to learn more about you find your purpose and what makes you feel fulfilled. We work on building your confidence together to find the best career path and build up a plan to get there.

2. You can be part of a group of your peers to find yourself, your purpose and your career

​Our group program the Design & Renew Tribe is a membership that allows you to pay month to month while being part of a community of your peers. You will have the option to join private groups to further discover more about yourself and your purpose, as well as improve other areas of your life. Get access to workshops and group coaching sessions with me!

3. Are you a DIYer with a tight budget? 

That's okay! Sometimes the best place to start is by DIYing your experience. We have several DIY courses and options to help you develop a resume, find yourself, or find the best path for you. Follow my step-by-step video video to building your resume, or finding who you are and the best career for you based on your skills, strengths, and passions.​

Support Group
Support Group

Group coaching is a great way to build a trusted community of people to go through finances together. This can be great to provide support, encouragement and accountability. In fact, according to statistics, having someone or a group to be accountable to increases your success by 95%! Group coaching could be a great fit for you and your budget.

Structure of group coaching:

  • Typically 3 months, 6 months, or on-going

  • Meet twice a month for an hour each

  • Groups max out at 10 people

  • Access to membership area for online content & resources

  • Connections to industry experts

  • Access to private community just for your group to share support, encouragement, resources & more

Types of groups:

Benefits of group coaching:

  • Increase success rate

  • Create a tight-knit community of those in similar situations or backgrounds

  • Provides accountability and support

  • Work through situations together as a team

  • Cost effective

  • Conducive learning environment to increase motivation

  • Improve interpersonal support skills: listening, coaching, questioning, and feedback

  • Develop emotional Intelligence

  • Less pressure than one-on-one can be

  • Inspire creative thinking

*For group coaching to work, we max groups out at 10 people or couples.

One-on-One Coaching

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A couple at a business meeting

One-on-one coaching is a great option if you want or need customized, hands-on time with a coach to talk through your specific financial situation. In this format we meet with you, or you and your spouse if married, for one hour a month. In these sessions we dive deeper into what is keeping you up at night and create a custom plan that meets you right where you are to help you achieve your financial goals. We typically start a one-on-one coaching relationship out by getting to know more about your situation, your financial goals and your stressors. We then dive into what is currently holding you back and how to overcome that struggle. In this format everything is customized and flexible!

Structure of one-on-one coaching:

  • 6-months long

  • Just yourself and our coach in meetings

  • Complete client privacy

  • Meet two hours the first month, then once a month for an hour the last five months

  • Connections to industry specialists & our professional network to aid in finance management

Our one-on-one clients have:

  • Paid off an average of $15,000+ of debt in six months

  • Created their first budget and found their why to stick to it

  • Gave themselves a raise of at least $200 a month

  • Been able to be at peace with their finances

  • Changed their family tree

  • And much more!

Included in one-on-one coaching:

  • Every Dollar budgeting tool (paid version)

  • Membership area for all educational support videos and resources

  • Access to coach throughout the month for questions, or as needs arise


Benefits of one-on-one coaching:

  • Completely customized to individual's needs

  • Establish and act toward achieving goals

  • Increased level of engagement

  • Safe Place to gain perspective

  • Deeper level of learning

  • Build personal awareness

  • Master your money mindset

  • Increase success rate

  • Provides accountability and support

  • Work through situations together with coach

*Limited spots available for one-on-one coaching.


Membership Community

Support Group Meeting
Group Discussion

The Design & Renew Tribe is a membership community designed to empower you to break the cycle in your life that is holding you back from reaching your full potential in your life, finances and career. This is your one-stop-shop to be part of something bigger, a  community of your peers getting the support, education, success, and exclusivity that you want and need to break out of the cycle that you find yourself in.

Tribe membership starts at just $34/month, and includes:

  • Weekly Q&A/coaching sessions

  • Monthly and weekly themes and topics

  • Private groups

  • Industry experts

Benefits of joining our tribe:

  • Increase success rate

  • Create a supportive community

  • Provides accountability and support

  • Work through situations together as a team

  • Very affordable

  • Increase motivation

  • Grow your network of friends, resources and connections

Try it out with a 14-day FREE trial!



"Traci is extremely knowledgable about personal finance and improved my budget a great deal. I was specifically interested in paying off debt and not only did she give me resources and help me make a plan, but she made it very personal by sharing her own experiences, struggles, and triumphs of her personal finance journey. I think everyone should place a high priority on personal finance and I highly recommend Traci as your coach!"

- Stephanie P

After working with Traci, I had a whole new perspective on how to actually manage my budget, set realistic goals, and stick to them to achieve real financial peace – finally!  I’ve talked to Financial Advisors but what I loved about having a Financial Coach like Traci is she was there to help me set the right goals for me in my life where I am today to save and prepare for my future.  She has such passion for helping people determine what their goals are and how to get there; which made me confident and excited I can do this financial thing!

- Cheryl B.

Working with Traci over the last several months has not only changed my thinking about my finances but enriched my life. I refer to her as a 'triple threat' - i.e. finance/career/life coach. She came along at a time when my life was swirling in many different directions, then Covid-19 happened creating even more challenges. She told me to 'take a breath' and that we would create a plan and work through it piece by piece which is what we're doing. I honestly look forward to every conversation with her as I know I'll walk away with more strength, motivation, and confidence that I'm on the right path. 


Frankly, I'm not sure what I would do without her care, encouragement, and advice. She has been a godsend. I had other coaches reach out to me but there was something special about Traci. Consistently she reminds me that she is always available if I need anything-e.g. to run ideas past her, review my resume, brainstorm part-time ideas to help pay down debt, etc. Above and beyond is the norm for her, not the exception.

- Pam B.


Traci is a Ramsey Solutions Preferred Master Financial Coach through the Dave Ramsey group. However, her experience with finances started years ago when she was a single mom trying to make ends meet. 

She ended up losing government benefits after buying her first home forcing her to pick up two more jobs outside of her existing part-time job, all while in school full-time. It was beyond a challenging time and she ended up doing all the things that you shouldn't do with your finances, maxing out credit cards, refinancing her car and eventually her home. 

It didn't look like there was an end in sight until she went to a conference and heard Dave Ramsey speak. For those who don't know, Dave Ramsey is a finance guru who started in a rough predicament as well, declaring bankruptcy and losing almost everything. 

After she heard what he offered she jumped in feet first, and there was no looking back. Since this time she has gotten married and paid off a whopping $40,000 of debt and still going with student loans still remaining.

She now uses this experience and her financial knowledge to help others. She has a passion to help other single moms and women as well as military and veterans learn to control their money, get out of debt and live in financial freedom to experience the beauty of life without the weight of debt and financial struggles.

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