Career stress can take its toll on both your relationships and your health. With over half of Americans unhappy in their current career–combined with the amount of social and economic pressure we live with today–it's even more important to make sure you’re in the best career for you. Together, we will evaluate your career aspirations and implement a roadmap to success that will create a better future for you and your family.


  • Learn critical skills required in today's work environment

  • Build confidence and define your value proposition

  • Build a powerful and relevant resume

  • Make informed decisions about the evolution of your career

  • Set goals and build a roadmap to your destination

  • Build connections

  • Gain lifelong career skills

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Resume & Cover letter


  1. 1 new resume in 2 formats (DOC, PDF)

  2. 1 targeted cover letter (2 formats)

  3. 1 targeted thank you letter (2 formats)

  4. 1 professional reference sheet (2 formats)

  5. Information gathering

  6. Review and revision cycles (to ensure full client satisfaction)

  7. File delivery


Resumes are custom and based on the client's needs. Rather you are just entering the job market, or are a seasoned professional we can help you!


​$149 - $299

**Pricing is determined after a free consultation and is based on length of experience, involvement, and current documentation. 

Interview Prep


  1. One hour consultation and position review

  2. One hour interview workshop (professionalism, attire, expectations, tips, etc.)

  3. Minimum of one mock interview with feedback

  4. Interview coaching session after mock interview

  5. One mock interview with industry rep (if applicable)

If you have been out of the game for a while, or aren't quite comfortable with the idea of interviewing, then this package is great for you! It will help you to ace your next interview by practicing situational questions as well as the dreaded, "tell me about yourself."



career discovery


  1. Three 60 minute sessions

  2. Career assessment

  3. Career coaching session for career assessment

  4. Career exploration such as industry research, industry connections for informational interviews and job shadows

  5. Career mapping (the pathway to your perfect career)

  6. Handouts and resources

This is a great option if you aren't sure on what the next step should be in your career. Maybe you have been in a job for awhile, or you're fresh out of school and just aren't sure on what the best career for you is. We can help. We will help you narrow your list to your top choices based on your personality and interests. After meeting people in industry we will plan out your next steps to get to this career!



Career package


  1. Career exploration package above

  2. Resume/CV package above

  3. Interview Prep package above

  4. Minimum of one 60 minute session each month

  5. Access to coach during business hours

  6. Strengths Finder assessment and book

  7. Creation or review of LinkedIn profile

  8. Choice of one critical industry review/training. Ex: communication, time management, SMART goals

  9. One professional interview outfit

This package has it all and is perfect for you if you are looking for a fresh start. You are wanting to not only find the best career for yourself, but you want to prepare yourself overall with a resume and cover letter, interview practice, professional skills training, proper interview attire and more! This is by far the most value and reward for you as you make that shift into finding your purpose and the career that best aligns.


​$165/month for 6 months

**A 10% discount will be applied if paid in full

College package


  1. Career Discovery package above

  2. Academic course planning

  3. Extracurricular planning for resume and career

  4. Scholarship application/essay writing assistance

If you are about to start college, but aren't 100% sure on what you want to do. Perhaps you keep changing your mind or your major. This package will not only help you find the perfect major/career. It will help you get there as efficient as possible. Through our career mapping we will also help you lay out your classes for your entire college career. This includes the extracurricular activities that you should be doing each year in college to stay ahead of the game, and ready for the job market.


​$165/month for 4 months

**A 10% discount will be applied if paid in full

Why A Career Coach?


Coaching helps you become confident and competent in your career decisions. It helps you find the best career for you and define, redefine, and achieve your professional objectives and other work-related goals. There are also many intangible benefits such as:


  • Peace of mind

  • Being happier in your career

  • Sleeping better

  • Less stress

  • Healthier relationships

  • More confident

  • Setting and achieving goals

Traci brings her years of experience in career development such as career exploration and discovery, resume writing and interview prep to put you on a path of success. She holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration and a Master of Science in business psychology.

Book a free consultation now to learn more about how Traci can help you.

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