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The reality is that 78% of people are living paycheck to paycheck. This means that almost 8 out of 10 of your employees are struggling financially. According to a Best Money Moves article. "More than 40% of Americans admit financial stress makes it difficult for them to concentrate at work.


Research by John Hancock Retirement found the loss of productivity combined with absenteeism from financial stress costs employers more than an estimated $1,900 per year, per employee, and total an estimated annual loss of $1 million for midsized employers and $19 million for large employers.


Financial stress causes feelings of fatigue and interferes with sleep for more than 40% of employees. A survey by Bankrate found closer to 80% of U.S. adults are losing sleep worrying about everyday expenses, saving for retirement and healthcare costs."


This financial stress can lead to: 

  • Impair cognitive ability

  • Causes loss of sleep & focus

  • Causes relationship issues (#1 cause of divorce)

  • Decreases immune function & increases illness

  • Mental health issues like depression & anxiety


Why shoud that matter to you? Because these issues can cause:

  • High employee turnover

  • Employees calling off sick due to actual illness or emotional distress

  • Lack of focus which can cause a lack in job duties & safety leading to higher workers comp and liability

  • Poor job performance leading to low morale or efficiency

  • Irritability & moodiness leading to poor collaboration & communication

  • Significant loss in both revenue and output



Create the sense of community that encourages support & accountability.


Offer one or multiple financial workshops on topics of your choice.


Get a customized approach for employees to make sure they get the exact help they need.


Really track and put the full package together for your team to see the results.


Group coaching is a great way to build a trusted community of people to go through finances together. This can be great to provide support, encouragement and accountability. Actually, having someone or a group to be accountable to increases people's success by 95%! Group coaching could be a great fit for your organization if you have less than 25 employees, have a healthy and trusting culture, and a family like environment.

Group coaching is completely customized to your organization's needs and budget. That means the topics, number of group meetings, length of meetings and timeframe is all customized to fit you and your employees. We are happy to provide examples and structure that works if this is something you would like to offer your employees, please use the link below to schedule a time to meet. to boost morale, comradery, financial success, reduce turnover and call off and increase productivity!


Instilling group coaching into your workplace can:

  • Boost Morale

  • Encourage Comradery, Collaboroation & Communication

  • Reduce Financial Stress

  • Reduce Turnover

  • Increase Productivity & Revenue

  • Reduce Call-off Percentage


*For group coaching to work, we do recommend groups smaller than 10, and a minimum of at least 6 sessions.



Workshops are a great way to try out financial coaching for your employees. It gives you an affordable way to bring financial literacy to your employees without a long term commitment. Workshops tend to be hands-on and can be as short as an hour to a half-day workshop. Workshops can be offered once, or multiple times, depending on the employer's needs.

Workshops aren't as customizable as group coaching or one-on-one coaching is, at least not with lesson plans. We have workshops on-demand that can be chosen based on where you feel the most need is for your employees. We can also build in other areas of coaching with our workshops. So if you wanted to have an Overview of Financial Planning and include each employee get an hour one-on-one session to maximize their budget then you could!


Some of our financial workshop topics are:

  • Overview of Financial Wellness

  • Budgeting 101

  • Managing & Cutting Expenses (awesome ways to save!)

  • How to Become Debt Free!

  • Preparing for Emergencies (40% of Americans can't even cover a $400 emergency)

  • All Things Home (buying & selling, paying off your house early, etc.)

  • Preparing for the Future: Maximize Your Companies 401k & Other Investments

  • College Planning




One-on-one coaching is a great option to give your employees their own personal and private time with a coach to talk through their specific financial situation. In this format we meet with the individual for one hour where we dive deeper into what is keeping them up at night and create a custom plan that meets them right where they are and helps them achieve their financial goals. We typically start a one-on-one coaching relationship out by getting to know more about the client's situation, their financial goals and what their stressors are. We then dive into what is currently holding them up and how to overcome that struggle.

This is a great benefit on its own, or lumped together with our group coaching or workshops. Many times employers like to have financial workshops and then add one-on-one coaching for each employee, this is completely up to you what works best! In this format everything is customized and flexible and includes everything the employee needs to be successful!


Our one-on-one clients have:

  • Paid off an average of $15,000+ of debt in six months

  • Created their first budget and found their why to stick to it

  • Gave themselves a raise of at least $200 a month

  • Been able to be at peace with their finances

  • Changed their family tree

  • And more!


This is the all in one, rolls-royce package! This package comes with your option of group coaching, workshops or one-on-one coaching plus an entire system created by Ramsey Solutions called Smart Dollar which is implemented in your organization for your employees of choice. It allows your employees to work with me as their coach to make lifelong changes in their finances while also tracking their progress which you can see!

With your self-service admin portal, SmartCenter, reporting is at your fingertips. You can see your team’s progress firsthand. Plus, SmartCenter is available to help you create a launch plan and successfully communicate the program to your employees. This package is in partnership with Ramsey Solutions, so if considering this option please follow the steps below.


Steps to see if this is the right option for you:

  1. Setup a meeting with me using the link below

  2. Once a date is set I will coordinate getting Ramsey Solutions on the call

  3. We will walk through a demo of the program together to see if it is what you want

  4. We will then determine pricing based on the number of employees that would be participating and the service(s) of your choice (workshops, group coaching, one-on-one coaching)


About Our Coach

Traci is a Ramsey Solutions Preferred Master Financial Coach through the Dave Ramsey group. However, her experience with finances started years ago when she was a single mom trying to make ends meet. 

She ended up losing government benefits after buying her first home forcing her to pick up two more jobs outside of her existing part-time job, all while in school full-time. It was beyond a challenging time and she ended up doing all the things that you shouldn't do with your finances, maxing out credit cards, refinancing her car and eventually her home. 

It didn't look like there was an end in sight until she went to a conference and heard Dave Ramsey speak. For those who don't know, Dave Ramsey is a finance guru who started in a rough predicament as well, declaring bankruptcy and losing almost everything. 

After she heard what he offered she jumped in feet first, and there was no looking back. Since this time she has gotten married and paid off a whopping $40,000 of debt and still going with student loans still remaining.

She now uses this experience and her financial knowledge to help others. She has a passion to help other single moms and women as well as military and veterans learn to control their money, get out of debt and live in financial freedom to experience the beauty of life without the weight of debt and financial struggles.

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