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Helping you achieve your career goals to secure a promising future.


Helping you take control of your money, instead of it controlling you.


Offering one-on-one coaching and workshops to supplement their high school experience.



  • Do you feel unsatisfied or unfulfilled in your current job?

  • Do you get depressed or filled with dread when thinking of going to work?

  • Do you get the Sunday Blues?

  • Are you unhappy and frustrated with your current job?

  • Do you feel like you are called to something more?

One-On-One Coaching

We offer several packages in our one-on-one career coaching. Including resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, career exploration, full career coaching and college coaching. Learn more under the "Work With Me" tab at the top, then click career coaching! After working with us you will:

  • Have a career you love and our passionate about

  • You'll be excited to go to work everyday 

  • You will feel fulfilled and at peace

  • Be utilizing your natural talents and abilities 


Are you or do you know a non-profit that helps people get back on their feet? If so we would love to talk with you. We partner with non-profit organizations that help:

  • Military and veterans (ask us about our discount)

  • Women of domestic violence

  • Low income individuals/families facing homelessness

  • Single moms and more 


  • Are you sick and tired of financial stress?

  • Are finances causing strain on your relationships?

  • Do you struggle staying on budget?

  • Are you overwhelmed by debt?

  • Are money struggles taking a toll on your mental and physical health?

One-On-One Coaching

We know finances are personal, and that means a lot of emotions and frustrations under the surface. That's why we start at the very beginning by laying out what do you want with your finances?! Travel? Retire? No debt? Sleep better? Whatever it is, we work with you to create a plan to get you to your financial goals and eliminate the current frustration and stress you have. After working with us you will:

  • Know how to budget and will be in control of your hard earned money

  • Pay off an average of $5,000+ in debt in 6 months

  • Feel free and at peace with your finances

  • Have healthier relationships, body and mind 


We offer finance workshops for non-profit and for-profit organizations to help their employees and clients. If you are the owner of a business, an employee of a small business, or work for a non-profit and would like to implement these workshops to help your employees, clients and your organization overall these are for you! Our workshops are:

  • Fully customized based on organizational needs

  • A resource to employees/customers
  • Hands-on and interactive
  • Focused on helping your employees/customers reduce financial stress to be more productive at work and in life


  • Does your child feel unprepared for life after high school?

  • Do you feel that your child isn't getting the resources in school necessary to make a good career decision?

  • Are they unsure on the best career path for them?

  • Do they feel pressured to go down a path that may not be for them?

  • Are they unsure if college is the best fit?

  • Do you and your child feel overwhelmed by the many college and career choices that exist?

  • Are you looking for help and guidance on the college process including financial aid, applications, scholarships and more?

One-On-One Coaching

During our one-on-one coaching sessions we start with learning more about your student and their interests. We have several career assessments that are given and then we create an action plan for your student to get to the career that best aligns with them. All of the planning is completely custom for your child and includes many components such as:

  • Discovering the top five careers for them

  • Career exposure through research, informational interviews, internships, job shadowing, industry visits and more

  • College/Career tech preparedness and planning including debt free education

  • Personal financial planning including budgeting, scholarships, FAFSA, saving, retirement and more


We offer many different workshop opportunities for your son or daughter. These workshops are held once to twice a month and provide supplemental education for high school students. Learn more about our workshops by clicking on "Work With Me" in the toolbar above and then select high school! Some of our workshops are:

  • Personal financial management

  • Career exploration

  • College planning and preparation

  • Career readiness


Stephanie P.

"Traci is extremely knowledgable about personal finance and improved my budget a great deal. I was specifically intersted in paying off debt and not only did she give me resources and help me make a plan, but she made it very personal by sharing her own experiences, struggles, and triumphs of her personal finance journey. I think everyone should place a high priority on personal finance and I highly recommend Traci as your coach!"

Ben M.

Cheryl S.

"I am so grateful a friend referred me to Design and Renew!  I had a budget and tried to follow it, but continued to struggle sticking to it.  Who knew that what I really needed was a Financial Coach to be there to guide me, make suggestions, build my confidence and encourage me along the way to financial freedom.

After working with Traci, I had a whole new perspective on how to actually manage my budget, set realistic goals and stick to them to achieve real financial peace – finally!  I’ve talked to Financial Advisors but what I loved about having a Financial Coach like Traci is she was there to help me set the right goals for me in my life where I am today to save and prepare for my future.  She has such passion for helping people determine what their goals are and how to get there; which made me confident and excited I can do this financial thing!

For the first time in my life, I can see and believe how I can become debt free and build a financial future that will allow me to do all the things I want to.  I hope everyone reaches out to Traci at Design and Renew and see how she can help you change your financial life and achieve financial peace.  Financial victory – here I come!!"

"I went to Traci to refine and recreate my resume post graduation. She had some amazing recommendations to tailor my resume to my job search. She is professional yet easy to talk to. Traci was easy to work with and truly an asset to my career hunt. I would recommend Design Renew if you are looking for coaching and lasting career help!"

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